This love
1. I desperately want to go on a wagon ride and pick apples this fall.

2. Fall is beautiful in Chicago. Every neighborhood looks gorgeous.

3. I frequently imagine Dean in Red Lobster, taunting the lobsters and asking for the alpha male.

4. We are getting ready for Christmas at work. D8 god, one holiday at a time, people!

5. I bought a $20 Queen album for $1.50 last week.

6. My favorite fall food is apple donuts.

7. The world is my apple donut. Oysters are gross.

8. Customer: is the store alphabetical?
Me: ...yes.
Customer: are you sure?
Me: actually, it's not in any order, we just dump all the books in the center of the store for you to rummage through like wild animals.

9. Customer: I need this book for a gift.
Me: well, it looks used.
Customer: ugh.
Me: ma'am, we are a used bookstore.
Customer: I can't have my gift looking used!

10. Customer: I want a book about duct tape.
Me: duct tape? Like the kind you tape things with?
Customer: yes.
Me: okay. Wait. Duct tape, like the stuff you fix things with?
Customer: NO. SIGH. I want a book about D-U-M-P C-A-K-E-S. God.
Me: it's very difficult to understand you.
Customer: Sigh. It is not.
Me: yeah, it is.
Customer: DUMP CAKES.

Guys, I don't know what a dump cake is, but I never want to eat one ever.

And there you have a slice of my life. XD

Many nights I
End up falling asleep on my tablet keyboard. It's more comfortable than when I'd fall asleep on my desktop or netbook so there's that. :/

Blankets are in high demand over here at the moment. Dear lord it's god awful cold! What happened to you September?! I thought I could bust out my sandals and shorts until October first, now I'm frantically searching for my sweaters and hoodies. ;w;

Anyone else feeling the chill?

Aqui No Mas (a Chicago verse poem)
the sidewalks in Pilsen are cracked
every break creates veins
venas nenas en mis pies
carry me through to the taqueria I like
best with corn tortillas and free sour cream
the best Cuban iced coffee
is right next to a McDonald's
across the street from a bakery
near a black painted sign for
¡Libros Libros Libros!
the light on Ashland and 18th
is unfair y asi es la vida mijo
no mas que me das
amalo como si fuera el ultimo dia
don't worry about the speed bumps
on 19th near the museum
jes take et easy, you know?
la Catrina is there
on permanent exhibit
the sidewalks she came from
the sidewalks she was born from
are cracked like
venas nena
but her blood is our sangre and it's
different but the same but not
and sour cream should always be free
but if you went to the wrong taqueria
and have less billetes in your billetera
that's okay nena
vente pa'ca
on 18th and Allport
where the sidewalk is cracked in Pilsen
and este rubio mantiene mis huesos
y savorea mi sangre en la tierra.

how long will i
i've discovered mary lambert on spotify today. all the feels. D8

in a little less than two weeks i've been to three doctors, with another appointment on thursday and another to make for later this month. doctors offices are depressing and incredibly awkward. does anyone ever have a good time at the doctor's? ._.

i'm not feeling any better since we haven't really narrowed anything down, but we are on the way. most signs point to something autoimmune related, which means i should just live in a bubble. i could write from my bubble. as long as i have wi-fi to upload what i'm working on, a bubble would work just fine. i can adapt!

besides all the yucky medical stuff, i started taking an ASL class for this semester. it's something to do that's new and requires my mind to work. it's been really fun so far. today i learned how to sign colors, shapes, opposites, some verbs, and commands. i'm proud to say that i'm actually not too bad at picking this all up! :D i was worried i would epic fail all over the place, but i'm getting the hang of everything without crying. XD

there is one month until the new season of SPN (oh god) and a month and a half until chicon (eek!). i'm not sure i can handle all the feels. ;w;

i've been listening to a lot of janis joplin, foghat, and queen recently. yes, still on that queen kick. the classic rock station on spotify is addictive. i tuned into the pop ballads one and augh there are so many songs i want to incorporate into everything. damn this writers block!

we're supposed to get some storms in tonight and tomorrow. we didn't lose power like many did out here last week, thank goodness, but i do love a good storm. it's good writing weather. well, if i could write. >->

okay, back to editing things and replying to a few folks on AO3 and email that i haven't got to. <3

Been on a queen kick lately. Fat Bottomed Girls is one of my favorites, plus Bohemian Rhapsody. :D

Soooo I've been struggling with a few health related issues lately. Combined with moving and working full time, it's been the reason why my updates have been lagging.

I'm generally a very private person. I won't go into massive detail about what's going on exactly, but I am in and out of offices lately, trying to figure out what's going on. It's an uphill battle, especially when so much else is going on. I'm thankful for the support of my family, friends, and my lovely readers. Y'all really do make me smile. :)

So hopefully things look a little better a month or two from now. It's gonna be fall soon! I can't wait to write about TCV in the fall. :3

everybody needs somebody
Ahh! Sometimes i forget i have accounts places. Whoops.

Well it's been an somewhat eventful month for me here. I'm in the process of moving and everything is chaotic. I've been working a lot, out a ton, and in general very busy. That's all great, but it barely leaves me time to spend with my tablet and music. Sigh. Adult responsibilities are not fun, y'all.

At work we are finishing up a labor day sale. I'm exhausted! -_-

I'm thinking about taking a few days off in a row and just shutting myself off from everything so i can write. I'm at 730,000 words right now and i kind of want to challenge myself to get to a million by New Year's. With the way my head is right now though, I'm not sure that's actually feasible. Not to mention the chaos of moving. Well, i can dream, right?

It's just very hard to get into my writing mode right now. I finished It Takes, which is 150k, in three months. Now, I can't even finish House and it's at 60k. :/ I'm just not producing fic at the speed I used to and it's incredibly frustrating.

But! Chicon is only two months away. I'm so excite. I'm thinking about making some stickers that say It Takes and The Chicago Verse and seeing if anyone recognizes those things. XD

Okay, I'm starting to fall asleep. Tomorrow is another sale day. D:

take my hand
listening to andrea boccelli and elvis tonight. oh the feels. ;-;

i had jury duty today and wouldn't you know it? i barely had any time to write or read. i was called in, excused, and came back home by noon. i was startled. XD but it was very boring.

i feel like my brain is mush right now. i just can't seem to shake that feeling. what is it about august? ugh.

today i rewatched Movie Monsters and Yellow Fever. it was great to see the boys on screen and not just in my head. no plot bunnies made their way into my head though. boo.

going to try to kick out something tonight. /shakes fist/

the goodreads debacle
someone brought it to my attention that four of my largest fics have been uploaded to the site GoodReads.

i myself don't use GR, but i have poked at it for references, when i don't have a book in my hand, so i'm familiar with the site. however, it was never my intention to take my fic and upload it there. so i'm kind of... not so excited about my fics being on that site. i like to keep my fics in fandom, for fandom. my permission was never asked, which i think is the thing that concerns me the most. please, please, please just ask me before you upload my work anywhere else other than the sites i have them already. please.

i'm debating on keeping my work up there or asking for it to be taken down. :/

i would have just liked to have been asked.

everclear week
one of my closest coworkers, whom i have worked with for two years, is leaving us this week. i'm sad but we are friends outside of work, so i know i will see her around. she's taking me to see everclear, which is touring through here with eve 6 and soul asylum (ahhhh my adolescence!) next week. she's the coworker who has all the concert connections, so i am more than happy to be her concert buddy. XD

so, to gear myself up for seeing everclear (one of my all time favorite bands, omg how have i not used them in fic?!) i'm going to do a week of everclear song related fics.

ahhhh the angst.



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