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that's unpossible
it's 2015?!

here's a list:

1. i'm writing a fic about the dust bowl. it's very depressing. ;-; who would've thought?
2. house of gold is ending and i have a sad about it.
3. i know so much about texas and yet have never been there. huh.
4. i am much too lazy to make a proper meal for myself so lately i end up cooking a protein and just eating tortillas with it. tacos all day, every day. i feel like this is how sam would cook.
5. i learned that you don't add water into hot oil. :D
6. if you ever need a textbook, please, for the love of GOD, don't buy it BRAND NEW. it's like buying a brand new car. it depreciates and you never get back what you paid. rent it, buy it used, wrestle it from your professor. just don't buy new.
7. never sign up for two Big Bangs and have 10 open projects at the same time. sigh.
8. i have had to dig my way out of my dwelling twice so far this winter.
9. i always loose gloves/mittens.
10. valentine's day is coming up. but so is the auto show! i'm more excited about the auto show. XD

hopefully, your start to 2015 has been amazing and super and fantastic. <3

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Nooooooooooooooooooo house of gold.......*cries*

Are you big banging this year? I find I am often juggling deadlines, and yet I don't stop ;-)

Tortillas are a legitimate food :-D If you want to stretch, you could throw in some veggies ;-)

Tortillas are a food of the gods. No complaints there.

I'm am so envious of your ability to juggle so many on-going stories, and how you just suck your reader in!

Re. Good Reads ... what a weird thing, to put fanfic up there and review it, right down to fabricating accounts for the authors. Just not cool. It crosses a line somewhere. It's one thing to rec something, but this just feels different and somehow wrong. I don't write longfic romance, so I've dodged the bullet, but I've helped other friends get taken down from there. I'll keep an eye out for your stuff.

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