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Please Do NOT Use Goodreads to Read My Fic
My work is available for FREE on the following websites: AO3, LJ, and FF. If you ever see any of my works available for SALE or on any other website posted as me, that is NOT me. (I don't mind being rec'ed in communities or listed on fic rec lists, those are fine.)

PLEASE do NOT list me on Goodreads. I understand what GR is and I am in the process of working with them to shut down that profile and take my works OFF. I don't want them there. I am not the first SPN fandom author to do this. Read my work where I have authorized it to be read. Please do not make profiles for me on any other website.

I also want to make it clear that using the fan art from my fics is not appropriate. The artists did not give anyone permission to make covers for fics, to have their art on GR, etc.

Please, respect the wishes of your fandom authors. We put a lot of time, work, and effort into what we create.

It is my wish to keep fic within fandom, and for me, that primarily means posting to AO3.

Thank you all for understanding.


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