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theater in the rain
we've been getting a deluge of rain lately.

tonight, i was walking outside without an umbrella, because you know, common sense alludes me. and i ended up standing underneath the marquee for a few moments. this was an old-school movie theater with the light bulbs on the marquee and the lettering out front. and idk. it was just this moment, underneath there, lit up and the rain falling, the sidewalk slick, and the smell of coffee from the starbucks two doors away...

it was just one of those moments where i was really thankful to be a writer. because i knew that i would have to incorporate this into something. and i shall. :)

soo... there's that. and this lovely rain, which i love hearing and seeing, but hate what it does to my arthritis. boo.

other than this, i had my first one-on-one ASL test today. i did fairly well, with one small correction my professor had to remind me of. the semester is almost over and i can now introduce myself, point out characteristics, and ask you if you'd like a cup of coffee. XD

winter will be here soon. ;-; but the upside is that i get to write many winter related TCV fics. :)

i hope y'all are having a good October too. <3


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